16 November 1988
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Hello! I'm Rina. Please feel free to friend or message me if you like, and I shall get back to you as soon as I can. But there's one condition: I don't want to need an Idiot-Speak-to-English Translator to understand what you write.

I'm Romanian (and so, obviously living in Romania, lol) and a Foreign Languages student in university. I'm taking English and Japanese, if you're wondering. LOL NO, I'm not going to randomly use perfectly translatable Japanese words in my English sentences.

This journal is here for me to post all kinds of things, from random lulz, rants and observations, to perhaps sometimes the rare exceptions. 90% of what I post is likely at least a small bit related to some fandom or another, or to reading and writing, or something. Why do I post it? I don't know. For some strange reason, I seem to enjoy it! xD

I am: an openly declared and proven grammar nazi and canon nazi, and proud of it. Intolerant, stuck on my own views and slightly arrogant, but all in all a pretty nice person. And I like lulz? We can easily get along! Let's just ignore the things we disagree about, and talk about the ones we have in common~

Random things I like are role-play, the high-fantasy and sci-fi genres, Star Wars, (mostly non-Japanese) RPGs, myself, reading and writing, ambiguity, the Chaotic Neutral alignment in D&D, good spelling/grammar, canon pairings, antagonist characters, successful trolls (which you aren't xDD), Kajiura Yuki, Ishikawa Chiaki, manga/anime, clever humor, the ironic coincidentality and/or coincidental irony of existence (which some people refer to as 'karma' xD), chocolate, mint, cinnamon, abusing 'xD', and above everything else: LULZ.

Random things I dislike are boredom, canon-rape, bad/inelegant trolling (that means yours), thesaurus abuse/vomit mistaken for good writing, fanfic and RP with real people/celebrities for characters, and weeaboos (and their need to employ random, often misused Japanese sentences that are perfectly translatable and look far less retarded in the same language as the rest of the post/fanfic).

If you compliment me I don't trust you, and if you don't like me I probably find you extremely amusing.

I'm not really as unfriendly and insulting as I seem. Perhaps. To summarize the situation, I leave you with an awesome and totally decisive thing like an Aristotle quote you can Google off the internet to look cool: "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

Take it as you want it, yes?