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Jun. 6th, 2010

ribbons modest


I'm... gah.
Damn you, inner workings and machinations of fandom-life.
You always do this to me. >_>

I'm not sure exactly what happened earlier.
I think I was talking to a friend about Hakuouki, then moved to Gintama-style Shinsengumi and to looking up lulz with their amazing selves on YouTube... And hell knows how a PeaceMaker Kurogane video ended up in the 'related videos' section of one of the Gintama things I watched... But I just... had to click it! That 'must-do' feeling, because OMG, this is my huuuuuge old fandom...

And from there I think I just ended up re-watching 1/3 of the anime worth of randomly selected episode halves. >_>
And damn.
PeaceMaker, you may have been animated by Gonzo, but... God.
This time too.

Must re-read manga and fully re-watch anime in its actual logical order.
What do you mean, I should study for my exams and/or write for RPs?
*fail* xD;;;;;;;

Just, srsly.
dfhdl;df;sdjfksd; DDD:

Jun. 5th, 2010

ribbons modest

More KHR rambling~

Why am I doing this? >.>
I have an exam today at 15:30.
And I have to help my brother with his in about 30 minutes too, so it's not like I'm drowning in free time. >_> But srsly... too excited after just now watching KHR 187. xD;;;
Mixed feelings about it, though. >_>

But I just can't contain my extensive love-rambling about this fandom anymore. xDD

Lengthy, spoilery rants on ep187 and ch292~Collapse )

Jun. 2nd, 2010

ribbons modest


Oh God. Finally caught up on the last... week or so of friendlist.
Too much community stuff, srsly. xDDD
And what I'm in hardly represents even 10% of my total fandoms overall. Pfffffft.

I read everyone's entries, but only commented on light-hearted fandom stuff, mostly.
In the middle of exams, have no energy for any serious thinking. @.@

Some fandom rambling. Under cut because of... low chance of spoilers?Collapse )

May. 28th, 2010

ribbons modest

Pretend it's a real title~

KHR  291, I love you.
I haven't looked at the fandom yet, so I don't know which way the rest of the population is raging.
But chapter made everything 10x the awesome, kthx.
Triple-award for managing to do so without containing the Varia.
OR doing much with 9th's guardians.

I'm depressed, I guess. xDDD
I just dropped out of a couple of group role-plays.
It makes me extremely sad because I fail.
But I just really didn't have time to deal with that right now, and I prioritized saving / being able to handle the rest of the stuff I'm in.

I hate the end of the semester.
I'm always exhausted and muse-less. >.>

Hibari is posted for.
So... Priority order is Yasu, still-unnamed-dude who likes lying, Riel, and Mukuro.
Not the order my muse would give it, but I have to organize sometimes, too. xD;;;;

May. 27th, 2010

ribbons modest

KHR 291 spoilers.

Partial translation of the script posted at MangaHelpers.
I only did the first third of it because then I got lazy/bored.
In other words, the least important part probably. xDDDD

Also some bits were difficult and may be a bit wrong.
But nothing TOO bad, I think/hope.

Hidden by this smart LJ-cut~Collapse )

May. 25th, 2010

ribbons modest

I never get tired of rambling~

Since I'm posting, I'll just take the chance to say hello to any new people I've added recently from memes and such. I've been doing that a little more than usual lately. xDD So yeah, hi guys, you're all awesome. <3

Rest of entry is just random rambling as usual though. >.>

I like how fail I am. xDDDCollapse )

May. 22nd, 2010

ribbons modest

Exams for june 2010~

Just doing what I did last semester again. Listing my exams here for myself (and maybe classmates) because I'm too lazy to keep trying to pinpoint them on the big list of everyone's exams the we have on the university's website.

Stuff for me. xDCollapse )
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May. 16th, 2010

ribbons modest

Random complaint. xD

So, I've been noticing a lot over time (as I got better at it) that studying Japanese and everything has this one unexpected benefit of... helping me get the better feel for manga/anime characters? At least where their dialogue is involved. Because I get closer to the way they speak if I'm able to observe it in the original language. So of course, when I try to write them it's a bit easier.

But there's also a downside that's been annoying me so much lately, with trying to write characters like Mukuro or Izaya. They have these extremely subtle nuances that can't really be conveyed the same way into other languages. And I get annoyed. xDD 'Cause often the line I thought up so nicely in Japanese sounded so good, and when I write it down in English... it's soooo not the same. >_>

It's frustrating me askfhd;jkladgj!!

Although I guess at least it's a good sign that I've started to be able to think lines in Japanese to begin with? Maybe now I won't fail my exams. xD;;;;;; (Although actually I haven't *failed* any yet, I just didn't go to one of them last semester. >_> STUPID HOMEWORK. ...That, in the end, we found out was only necessary to get a perfect grade, but not to get into the exam like we had thought from previous year experience. >______>)

...How do I always end up going off on tangents? xDDDD

May. 9th, 2010

ribbons modest

Lolll, I so failll.

jkkjhfl;sdfjdkl OH GOD.
Finally wrote that Hibari post, I feel so much better now.
Was about 1300 words too.
I'm not sure if writer's block is over, since I still don't feel like doing my profiles.
Pfffft, fail.

Maybe some lulz?Collapse )

May. 8th, 2010

ribbons modest



That's it, Mukuro, they caught you, man. D:Collapse )

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